I've been passionate about photography for much of my life.  It all started with a 110 camera I received for my 9th birthday.  I later advanced to 35mm and eventually started developing my own film in high school.  I pretty much taught myself photography through trial and error.  
I really wanted to be a professional photographer, but after a summer job as a darkroom technician and photographer for a local newspaper, I realized "working" as a photographer wasn't really fun for me - I preferred it as an art form vs a commerical endeavor.  I pursued a career in business instead and kept photography as a serious hobby.
Today, I shoot subject matters that interests or inspire me.  And I still shoot film along with digital cameras. In fact, I even have my own darkroom.  There still is something magical about film even though digital has come a long ways.  However, digital medium format is finally getting there and I recently purchased a Fujifilm GFX 50R.  It is an amazing camera.  Here is a comparison against film.
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